Since 1995, the Federation of the Belgian Brewers, as co-founder and partner, actively and financially supports the BOB-campaign, an awareness campaign led by the VIAS Institute (ex-BRSI, Belgian Road Safety Institute) to reduce the number of road accident victims as a result of alcohol abuse in traffic.

The principle is known: BOB is a designated driver who commits himself to drinking no alcohol and staying sober so that he/she can drive his/her friends safely back home. With the endorsement of the BIVV and Belgian Brewers the designated driving became a national movement, with "designated driver" becoming a common phrase. The BOB-campaign is aimed at everyone and has already yielded excellent results. Several polls have indicated an graduated increase in designated driving practices and since the start of the initiative, the campaign is credited as a contributing factor to the decline in alcohol-related traffic fatalities

The "Bob" campaign was an instant hit, changing people’s attitudes toward drinking and driving. The campaign is so successful that it was replicated in 16 other European countries with support from the European Commission.The Belgian Brewers have played a pioneering role in this campaign.

The support to the BOB-campaign fits in perfectly with the federation’s will to promote initiatives and campaigns to inform consumers of the benefits of moderate beer consumption and the risk of alcohol abuse.



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