Room rental

The health of our visitors is our priority. As long as the COVID-19 measures apply, we adapt by means of signage, hand gel, detergent, ...

In the meeting rooms of the Brewers’ House we have provided an adapted capacity.

Council Room
Normal capacity = 120 pers.
Max. capacity during COVID-19 = 60 pers.

Gambrinus Room
Normal capacity = 12 pers.
Max. capacity during COVID-19 = 5 pers.

Meetings are possible, but only on the strict condition that the basic measures are respected. It is the responsibility of the organizer of the meeting to respect these rules and to the visitors to respect them.

The room manager of the Brewers’ House is ready to provide you with the best possible service.

Take a look at our rooms!

For more information on availability and prices, please contact us : Els Verheyen (+ 32 2 511 49 87 -



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